Eli Albert, coder + tinker


My work on Github

Here's a current project, SimpleRelevance. I am Chief Architect. I do webdev / machine learning / algorithmic backend work; previously managed the tech team but decided to focus on coding.
If you go to the api doc you can see how this stuff works from a developer's perspective.

Here's my newest project - facebook API using, cloud backed fb event management app I'm temporarily calling 3vent. It's up at events.upchicago.org. The code is here.

Here's a page for a new project I'm working on: UpChicago.org. That's me learning how to be a web designer. I'm very good at boostrap /sarcasm [also note that upchicago.org temporarily repurposed for playing with discourse - that's me learning out to be a sysadmin]

Oh, and here's another example of my measly but quickly improving design chops: the ribcage. It's the home page for my house.

This is the initial spike for a jquery plugin that uses twitter and the clients' computers to host, manage, and display comments for the given website (free commenting for small self-run and self-hosted sites): JeasyCom

I also have a bitbucket account with more repositories. I have been building up various API wrappers in Python/Django for things like IContact, Constantcontact, Mailchimp, Magento, XCom, EmailDirect, Shopify, BigCommerce, ExactTarget, etc etc, (mostly for work) and I hope to release them all very soon.

Sometimes I write down difficult fixes for things in a blog which you can find here.