eli albert, coder + tinker


My work on Github

Here's a current project, SimpleRelevance. I am Chief Architect. I do webdev / machine learning / algorithmic backend work; previously managed the tech team but decided to focus on coding.
If you go to the api doc you can see how this stuff works from a developer's perspective.

Here's my first angular firebase project - facebook API using, cloud backed fb event management app I'm temporarily calling 3vent. It's up at events.upchicago.org never mind, facebook broke their API. The code is here.

Here's my newest angular firebase project - a realtime multiplayer fridge magnet game - check it out! I'm really happy with it. And here's the source.

Oh, and here's another example of my measly but quickly improving design chops: the ribcage. It's the home page for my (former) house. And another small website I made and maintain. And I made the website for my band.

This is the initial spike for a jquery plugin that uses twitter and the clients' computers to host, manage, and display comments for the given website (free commenting for small self-run and self-hosted sites): JeasyCom.

I also have a bitbucket account with more repositories. I have been building up various API wrappers in Python/Django for things like IContact, Constantcontact, Mailchimp, Magento, XCom, EmailDirect, Shopify, BigCommerce, ExactTarget, etc etc, (mostly for work) and I hope to release them all very soon.

Sometimes I write down difficult fixes for things in a blog which you can find here.